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Tue, 19 Nov 2013

Qatar goes Green with Unibeton Ready Mix first-of-its-kind technology at the New Port Project


November, 2013– Doha, QATAR – UNIBETON Ready Mix announced the launch of a new technology in Qatar to control the quality of concrete, being the IBB rheology probe system, which is being implemented at the New Port Project. The rheological probe was developed by IBB Rheology (Canada) in close collaboration with UNIBETON. Once fully implemented on the Project and considering the massive construction growth planned for Qatar, the rheology probe could save a significant amount of CO2 emissions that can be reduced by eliminating concrete waste due to sampling.  

The rheology probe has the ability to measure rheological properties, slump, temperature and volume of concrete inside the drum of the ready-mix truck as a QAQC live automatic monitoring system.

The New Port Project Steering Committee’s objective is to construct a world-class port facility, in-line with the country’s ambitious plans envisaged in the Qatar National Vision 2030. UNIBETON with operations in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were awarded the concrete supply for the Port Basin and Inner Breakwaters Package at the New Port Project. UNIBETON aim at introducing high quality products and incorporating state-of-the-art technologies is considered a vital contribution towards the success of this Project.

“It is a UNIBETON quest and responsibility to continuously exceed expectations in producing sustainable concrete with very high-tech standards and to provide cutting edge technology and best services towards the success of this important and prestigious Project,” said Dr. Mohamed Shehadeh, Senior Vice President UNIBETON Ready Mix and Board Member of Al Fara’a Group.

Sustainable Technology

The rheological probe continuously and automatically, without human influence, monitors the properties of concrete inside the drum to measure slump and temperature which are part of the acceptance criteria for fresh concrete. This green technology does not require sampling, while measuring the slump and temperature, therefore reducing concrete wastage as normally experienced with traditional sampling procedures and testing methods.

UNIBETON has implemented various sustainable solutions on its existing New Port Project. A full on-site waste management system which includes aggregate recycling and treated water, will save a further 1000 metric tons of CO2 emissions over the duration of the project. UNIBETON intelligent concrete design, incorporating high levels of SCM (Supplementary Cementitious Materials) replacements will reduce the CO2 footprint of the concrete by more than 40%.

“UNIBETON aim at introducing high quality products and services incorporating state-of-the-art technologies is considered as an important contribution towards the success of this Project,” said Eng Nabeel Mohammed AL-Buenain, Project Executive Director of the New Port Steering Committee.
UNIBETON has been a very close partner as the first tester and user of the technology, worldwide. In Qatar, UNIBETON has already installed the IBB probes on all its ready-mix trucks with an aim of using the complete system at the New Port Project.

“We hope that this invention being a first-of-its-kind probe system will serve as an educational tool to motivate and inspire Qatari engineering students to excel further and cultivate innovations in the field of engineering,” added Eng Nabeel Mohamed AL-Buenain.