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  • Mission & Vision
    Mission & Vision

    Establish Partnership for mutual Sustainable growth. To be the First Choice for Sustainable Ready Mix Concrete Solutions.readmore

  • Core Values
    Core Values

    Ethics and integrity in all that we do. We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habitreadmore

  • Unibeton is the leading ready mix solution provider in Qatar with the most extensive material testing capabilities in the county to ensure full compliance with the most stringent specifications. Being the pioneers in the realm of Self Compacting Concrete and Green Concrete , UNIBETON has an excellent track record in the construction industry in Qatar. UNIBETON is the nominated supplier for many mega projects all over Qatar, and is considered for international projects all over the world (Panama, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, Peru, Malaysia etc.). Globally renowned for its efficiency and demand-response system, UNIBETON’s unparalleled growth is recognized by numerous prestigious global accolades like Stevie Awards based on the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management,  which only a handful of international manufacturers across the globe can be proud of.

  • From customized concrete solutions to the state-of-the-art batching plants and exceptional team of experts, UNIBETON offers its clients a lot more than what is expected out of it. Passionate about accomplishing the customer requirements and exceeding their expectations, UNIBETON has a commendable record in the realm of construction industry. To cite a few;

    • Concrete supplied upto 1.65 Million m3 at the New port project from in-situ concrete batching plants
    • Prestigious “GOLD LINE” Metro project being supplied with specialized concrete products upto 0.6Million m3 since 2015.
    • NRMCA  “GOLD” rated certificate awarded to Qatar New Port Unibeton Branch and Plant Facilities.
    • Concrete solutions (Approx. 65,000 m3) to FIFA 2022 stadium, at Al Rayyan, supplied  from dedicated batching plant.
  • UNIBETON is recognized as the leading innovator in the field of Self compacting low carbon emission (green concrete), light weight- high strength, lean and insulated concretes. UNIBETON’s assets include its computerized Mix Design Management and Control Systems (e-mix),  huge fleet of over 100+ specialized vehicles for RMC delivery, hi-tech state-of –the-art batching plants across various locations, efficient distribution network with Transit Mixers, Conc. Pumps & Stationery Pumps to guarantee delivery within 24 hours of order, proven waste management system with most modern  water treatment plants, Dune  sand classifiers that enhances the recycling efficiency up to 85%, Business Intelligence Tools etc. By focusing on efficient waste management systems and by using the best practices, UNIBETON is significantly reducing the impact on the environment and bringing substantial and measurable savings of cost incurred on material procurement and transportation thereby sharing the end results of cost-effectiveness with its customers.

    Committed to the Health and Safety of the employees as well as the visitors to the sites and people in the surrounding communities, UNIBETON, an organization involved in various philanthropic initiatives, has a comprehensive and well established Safety and Risk Management System. Backed by more than 30 years of construction success, some of the latest projects added to the list includes the The New Doha Port for China Harbour Engineering Construction in Qatar with a  total concrete volume more than 1  Mil m³, “GOLD LINE” Metro project being supplied with specialized concrete products upto 0.6Million m3 and FIFA 2022 stadium Project at Al Rayan with concrete volume 65,000+ m3.

  • As an organization believing in Leadership through Innovation, the reinforcement of UNIBETON's success is
    •Delivering client's requirements
    •Enhancing operational and capital efficiencies
    •Expanding business through innovative product development
    •Investing in our people
    •Investing in new technologies

    Through extensive and world class research and development capabilities, Unibeton has a proven track record of designing and maintaining consistency in the sale of various breakthrough concrete products. With a team of highly regarded leaders in their respective fields and sophisticated infrastructure, Unibeton is committed to   meet the diverse and the demanding needs of the Construction Industry. To be the best eco-friendly- ready mix solution provider, raising industry standards and boosting progress in the field of concrete technology is our mission and vision.